Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chapter 6 - Super Straight Girl

When last we left your reasons for living, a.k.a. Captain Hetero and Iron Dyke, Melisa O’Hare was brain dead, and Johnny Taurus was…umm…well, we’ll see now what he’s up to.

"Johnny Taurus wins Rutgers it’s eighth game this season, scoring three touchdowns against Pitt in the 4th quarter."

"Oh my fucking God, It’s Him!"
Jana Garelli, of the Long Island Garellis, ran up to Johnny Taurus, gushing all over the football star. "I just love the way you score all of those touchdowns for our team. I was wondering if I could say thank you for all of Rutgers, and help you score a little more."

Johnny was a little confused. Sure, women creamed their jeans at the thought of him licking them in any way, but this chick was just a little too enthusiastic. After all, it was kind of the point of the game for him to score touchdowns; she was acting like he had just cured cancer.

"My name’s Jana, and I’m your biggest fucking fan. I’ve always wanted to show my appreciation for showing all us lucky girls your big sexy black body in the College Ave. gym when you work out. She pulled him into the womens' locker room.

"Damn girl, you don’t play do you? But the thing is this is the girls…" Johnny was cut short as he felt a pair of soft warm lips suck at his dickhead. This little white bitch (he was at least a foot and a half taller than her) was trying desperately to fit his foot-long into her mouth. She worked his cock with both hands, the effort of jerking off such massive meat showing on her face. But she was determined. Her saliva coated his dick, her hunger was evident. She was going to fill her stomach with hetero-semen or die trying. Of course, she didn’t know she was waxing the knob of Captain Hetero, but she was giving a heroic blow-job anyway. Johnny normally had a lot of stamina for this type of thing, but he could feel his balls getting his load ready to go. She could only fit one of his huge testicles in her palm at a time, and she rubbed them lovingly as her tongue danced along his throbbing vein.

"Damn, I wish all women were as appreciative of sports as you are" he gasped. But breath wasn’t coming easily; the pleasure was so intense he was finding it hard to breathe, hard to do anything but admire the cocksucking this girl was giving him. She then sucked on his balls, a feeling which made him so dizzy he almost fell down; but he wasn’t done yet, and neither was she. She knew that his time was cumming, so she went into her finishing move. She wrapped both hands around his oversized shaft and jacked him off for all she was worth, all the while snaking her tongue around his head and sucking like a Hoover. Johnny had met his match with this one, and he warned Jana, "you might want to get out of the way, this is going to be a big one."

Johnny had given more than one girl whiplash cumming in her mouth. But Jana hung on to his member stubbornly, determined to swallow his precious load. When he couldn’t take it any more, he let fly into her mouth with tremendous pressure. And to her credit, she took it all down, all into her, not spilling a drop…Johnny swayed in and out of consciousness as if his life had left him with his sperm. Jana felt proud but tired…it was hard gulping down all of that hot cum for lunch, but damn it tasted good.

Satisfied, Johnny stared at the young white slut kneeling in front of him. Now, he could just walk out of the bathroom after a good dick sucking and go on with his day…..but he wasn’t done yet. He looked at her… she looked so young and innocent (so he thought; he had no idea what kind of slut he was dealing with). Her Scarlet and Black skirt was too short, showing off her strong and sexy cheerleader’s legs. He pulled her skirt up exposing her black g-string panties. He wondered how many other guys had seen the same panties and fucked the same bald pussy, but this didn’t stop him. His cock was hard again over this little white chick. He couldn’t believe his dick, but he didn’t question it. He bent her over the toilet bowl and grabbed her hips. She had a lot more ass than he was expecting. "It’s the little surprises in life that make life worth living", he thought. He rammed his hard cock into her tight wet pussy… listening to her moan turned him on even more and he reached his hand around to the front of her body and rubbed her clit.

He fucked her hard for awhile until he wanted to change positions. He got up and sat on the toilet (romantic, huh?) and asked her to ride him; how could she say no? She slowly lowered herself onto his hard, wet cock. Bouncing up and down she sucked on his neck, almost biting him; this bitch was a specialized pro. He felt every single sensation of her wet cunt on his black meat. He grabbed her ass and pushed her onto his dick even more…feeling the cum filling his balls again he knew it was almost time. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" She let out a loud moan and her entire body shook with pleasure. She came and she came hard. He felt her juices drip all over his dick. This made his cock ready to explode and he pulled out, filling her mouth again with his super sperm. All she could do was moan loudly as she swallowed, for she had never been fucked by a black cock with so much power. Johnny was finally spent. He was sweaty and tired as fuck, for he just busted two of the biggest nuts he could ever remember busting. He stood and zipped his pants back up. He didn’t know what to say to this cute white girl that could suck a mean dick except, "Thanks" and "maybe I will see you again!" He walked away and left her to clean up and pull back down her skirt by herself. After all……she was just a cheerleader.

Jana’s stomach felt funny for the rest of the day…not bad, just… full; kind of like when you eat a big lasagna dinner. She was full of cum and satisfied. She tried to find Melissa, but she was nowhere to be found. So she went home, went to dinner with her friends at Brower (but, unsurprisingly ate little), talked some guy on her floor into doing her homework, and went to bed. Don’t believe what anybody says, being a slut is hard work.

Johnny rode his motorcycle over to Livingston. After the game, and his little post-game celebration with the cheerleader, he was pretty tired himself. He was going to be on SportsCenter tonight, and he loved seeing himself on TV. He met up with his friend Calief in front of Tillet. "Whassup dog?." "Nothing…yo, I just got the best head of my life from this white cheerleader in the girls locker room after the game. I hit it after that too…it was pretty nice, she had a big ass for a white girl."

Johnny liked hanging with Calief, there was a lack of Black people on College Ave. that bothered him sometimes. "A-ight, a-ight…yo, you better watch it fuckin with those white girls though…you know what happened to O.J. and Kobe" Johnny shook his head, "If O.J. was with a Black girl, she woulda had her cousins, her brothers and everybody she knew whup his ass. White girls are easier to be with, they do anything for a good Black dick. But you’re right, I haven’t had a sista in…what, three days? Still, a blow job’s a blow job…and this was a damn good one. Trust me, my dick has an appointment with her tonsils again real soon."
That morning Jana woke up feeling like a million bucks. She stretched and hit her head. "Ow, what the fuck?" Jana usually slept in the middle of her bed, and her head was nowhere near the wall, she was only 5' 1" after all. But today she hit her head on the wall. She looked at her toes…they looked farther away than usual. There was a full length mirror in her room, so she got up and looked at herself in it. She wore a little T-shirt and boxers to bed which usually were loose on her. This morning they were a lot tighter, practically splitting at the seams. She looked herself over. She had definitely grown, at least six inches overnight. Her body, which was tight anyway because of cheerleader practice and gymnastics, showed a lot more muscle, and her tits had grown from a B to a DD. "Well, looks like semen does a body a lot more good than milk does."

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